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A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poisons

Synopsis It’s a race against the clock to find who the true criminal is or else your mentor professor ends up behind bars. This is no faint task as we are dealing with poisons, which thankfully you are knowledgeable about. But will that be enough? Saffron Everleigh works with Dr. Maxwell at the University College […]

The Lady or the Lion

Synopsis Would you choose love or fate? If you were forced to choose a random door with a beautiful woman or a fierce lion would you select it with ease or terror? Durkhanai Minagul is the crowned princess of Marghazar. She is passionate about her people and seeks truth and sincerity wherever she goes to […]

September 2022 Reads

September is going to be busy, but I have so many things I want to read! September TBR Successful September Reads/Listens

August Wrap Up

August was unexpectedly busy with work and planning for the academic school year. It took a toll on my mental health and, honestly my reading time. I use my books as a coping tool for the busy and crazy life I live, but when things get too overwhelming, I make do with what I can. […]

Just One Night

Synopsis Linc Kingston has high expectations for himself, the company, and his family. He will protect his family no matter what and is determined to have perfection. He likes order and control. One thing he doesn’t expect and can’t control is his relationship with long-time friend and personal assistant Jordan. Jordan is the daughter of […]

Persephone: Hades Torment

Synopsis In the traditional story of Hades and Persephone, Hades is the villain who is madly in love with Persephone. Persephone is the poor girl who was kidnapped, forced to marry Hades, and eventually fell in love with him by proximity. Sounds like a dream come true….NOT! In this story, their love story is mutual […]

The Dragon’s Bride

Synopsis Prince Charming isn’t going to save every damsel in distress. Sometimes, you have to save yourself. Briar Rose was too late to try an safe herself. She thought marrying her husband would help her; instead he was terrifyingly horrible. Trapped in an impossible situation she tries one more thing, a Hail Mary call, to […]

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Synopsis You have a mystery to solve. Who are you going to call? Clearly a 60-pound octopus. Remarkably Bright Creatures follows the stories of Tova Sullivan and Cameron. Tova is recently widowed and many years ago lost her son in a tragic accident. Cameron can’t keep a job, has had some rough patches in life, […]

The Dead Romantics

Synopsis Some writers take their stories and put them into a book. Others, have ghostwriters share the stories instead. Is one better than the other? No, but it makes for an interesting tale. Florence Day is a ghostwriter for a notable romance author. She has a book contract she needs to finish and the deadline […]

The Measure

Synopsis One day, you open your door and notice a little brown box. The box has your name on it but no sender. You know you didn’t order anything, so what could it be? You look around because, of course, you are a little nosy, and sure enough, every door has a box; some even […]

August 2022 Reads

After ending July on a high note, I have hopes that August will be a good one. My TBR list for August is a little long, but I am hopeful that I can complete most of it. August TBR Successful August Reads/Listens

The Set Up

Synopsis “Just three dates…” Aditi Gupta is a pediatric resident. She has been busy with med school and work, not having time for dating. Well her grandfather disagrees. His compromise is to have his granddaughter go on three dates, that’s it. Aditi begrudgingly agrees but wants to make it clear that this is not an […]

July Wrap Up

July consisted of traveling, heat waves, and a lot of reading. It was the first time in a long time that I felt carefree and escaped to new places. I have not read/listened to this many books in a while, but I hope August will be another delight! One of my favorite this is charts, […]

Beach Read

Synopsis January Andrews is known for her romance novels. At one point she believed in all things love. She had a relationship that she thought would last forever and she wanted her relationship like her parents. Everyone has secrets though. Following the death of her father, January learns that there were some skeletons in her […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Synopsis You have just saved Ithicana from the wrath of your father. He manipulated you, destroyed your trust in people, and endangered all you hold dear. Unfortunately, due to the doomed circumstances of your father’s actions, you are now attempting to rebuild the trust of the Ithicanian people. There are numerous roadblocks in the way; […]


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